Singer likes to live dangerously

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September 21, 1988

Singer likes to live dangerously

By Patty Maher

Living on the edge is a scary thought for some people.

But Brad Circone, lead vocalist for The Toll, said danger is something he craves. He likes to live precariously both on and off stage.

And when he gets really involved in his music, Circone said, he can be uncontrollable.

The Toll will bring its untamed style of rock from Columbus, Ohio to Tom’s Foolery, 112 W. Michigan St., tonight.

Circone said he likes to surprise the audience with every performance.

“We don’t want the audience to expect too much out of us,” he said. “We want to be unpredictable.”

One example of this unpredictability is a tune called “Anna 41,” Circone’s favorite song.

“(Anna 41) is talking about a women who’s 41 years old and her husband views her as a (sexual object),” he said. “I think it’s horrible. I know women who have been treated that way.”

The song is unusual because every night The Toll performs it, the band changes the ending, Circone said.

“Sometimes Anna gets drunk and gives in to her husband…Other times she leaves him,” he added.

One version of the song can be heard on the band’s tape, “The Toll,” produced by Geffen Records.

Circone said he writes about atypical subjects.

“I’m not a fan of soap opera type lyrics,” he said “(I) try to write (songs) different from the average love themes.

And don’t be surprised if Circone does a somersault off the stage and lands in the audience. He said he often does such things. In fact, The Toll has been kicked out of several clubs for “flirting with the limits,” he said.

One club in Chicago called it a “stunt” when Circone climbed upon a wooden beam about 50 feet above the audience and threatened to jump if the club manager came any closer.

“What they call stunts we call reality and pleasure,” Circone said. “It’s like controlled anarchy.”

However, Circone stressed the stage show is “controlled.” The band members do not take any substances when they are performing.

“Sobriety is key,” he said

Circone is looking forward to The Toll’s stint in Mount Pleasant.

“We love Mount Pleasant because (the residents) seem to understand us,” he said.

Circone said his fellow band members are drummer Brett Mayo, guitarist Rick Silk and bassist Greg Bartram.

The Toll will take the stage at 10 p.m. Cover is $4.